2011 Pigskin Prep Weekly Newsletter

2008 Week 9 Weekly Newsletter (11 issues wk 0 - 10)
Weekly Newsletter includes my weekly picks, state and regional rankings, district standings
2008 Week 9 If the season ended today (starts in week 3/4, runs thru end of season)
Weekly How would they finish if the season ended today includes playoff state and regional rankings, in-depth district standings, the playoff brackets.  For those of you new to the site, starting in week 3 or 4, I run my ratings of each team though the remaining of the seasons games to be played that gives me a overall and district record of what your team could end up based on what I have your team ranked at that time.  It changes each week as your rating changes.  I then provide you with district standings, complete playoff bracket picks until a state champion is picked.  This way you can look at how my ratings feel your team could do if the season was to end that week. 
2008 Week 13 Playoff edition (starts week 11)
The playoff edition newsletter starts in week 11 and includes most of the above info.  Also included in this is each teams playoff site, date and time of each game.  Also you will see the past week results and the reason of the playoff bracket picks with a projected state champion pick based on my ratings of each team going into that week. 

2011 Final Pigskin Prep Weekly Newsletter will then be released, that will include a look back at all my preseason predictions along with the final rankings package for 2011.

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